11+, 13+, GCSE & A Level

Exam Preparation

11+, 13+ , GCSE and A Level


Exam Preparation

For tuition tailored to your child and with one exam outcome in mind, look no further. 

Whatever your child’s age or ability,  I guarantee exam preparation that is exciting and engaging, personalised and professional. 

Whether for an anxious 11-year-old or ambitious GCSE candidate; a future sports star or aspiring young actress; I pride myself on building instant rapport with every tutee. By adapting my approach to each child’s personality, interests and initial ability, I ensure immediate improvement and sessions that each tutee will genuinely enjoy.

 Alongside my calm and approachable manner, anyone I tutor also benefits from my first-hand insight into school admissions criteria and national exam boards.

I have a flawless track record in supporting candidates for the below exam levels:

 • Pre Test & CAT4
• 11+
• 13+
• A Level

For specialist subjects, please click here. Interview coaching is also available.

My Method


All tuition follows my 'Enjoy - Engage - Enhance' ethos. This puts your child's enjoyment, engagement and enhancement of their results at the forefront of their learning. 


Whether tackling a translation or getting to grips with Verbal Reasoning, structuring an essay or learning new language skills, I make the complicated simple for your child.  


With my insight into all major exam boards (ISEB, OCR, edexcel, AQA) and experience as an Admissions Director at a leading UK independent school, I know the exam techniques, criteria and best practice to ensure your child thrives.


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Interview Coaching

Alongside exam results, interviews play a vital role in the admissions criteria for UK independent senior schools. 

Drawing on my training from both the National Youth Theatre,  LAMDA and RADA,  I have successfully coached candidates both shy and outgoing; creative and sporty; British and international. This has frequently led to both unconditional and multiple place offers from the UK's most prestigious independent senior schools. 

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