Parent Testimonials

Our son has made incredible progress and his confidence has soared since working with Annabel.
- Parent, 13+ Boy
“An excellent tutor. She is professional and knows her subject really well. My daughter is finding sessions with Annabel extremely helpful and enjoyable.”
- Parent, GCSE Girl
 We feel so incredibly lucky to have found Annabel, she has made a real difference to our sons engagement and achievement.
- Parent, 11+ Boy
“Great teacher with a very clear idea and study plan. We strongly believe in her excellent teaching skill.”
- Parent, 13+ Girl
“A wonderful tutor for my daughter. Calmed her down, sorted out her revision and helped her enormously. Annabel has a lovely, bright and positive attitude.”
- Parent, GCSE Girl
Annabel is a joy. Very professional, reliable and accommodating to my 13 year old son. She teaches the child, rather than just the subject, and takes the time to really get to know the childs individual way of learning. I highly recommend her to all parents.
- Parent, 13+ Boy
My daughter found Annabel to be extremely helpful and her teaching approach easy to understand. Annabel quickly assessed my daughters needs and planned lessons accordingly. My daughters confidence and ability definitely increased as a result of her lessons.
- Parent, A Level Girl
“A fantastic tutor. She is prepared for the sessions and discusses with you where your child is at and what they are currently learning and tailors the sessions. She engages with my son in a way he likes to learn.”
- Parent, 11+ Boy
“Warm, friendly, extremely organised and ready to teach at a high standard from the very first lesson. My daughter was soon feeling much more confident.”
- Parent, GCSE Girl
“A truly inspirational tutor for my son, who was reluctantly doing GCSE Latin. He found it difficult due to his (slight) dyslexia and consequently did not enjoy it. Annabel was flexible in her approach and when one method of engaging him didnt work she tried another tack which did. Her boundless enthusiasm for the subject even infected my son and even though he will never be a Latin scholar he learned to appreciate the subject.”
- Parent, GCSE Boy
“Annabel is passionate about her subject and knows well how to engage the student so he can do better.
- Parent, 13+ Boy 
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