Where do you source the flowers used in Coaker & Jewellery?

We have handpicked all flowers in our jewellery in and around our home in Gloucestershire, UK. This includes our own private gardens and nearby meadows and woodland.


Do you offer bespoke commissions?

Yes. This is an incredibly popular Coaker & Rose service. Many choose this service to preserve flowers from special events (including weddings, christenings and funerals). We are also regularly commissioned by individuals passionate about particular flowers - either from their own garden or places special to them. Please email info@coakerandrose.com to discuss further.


I would like to order as a gift for someone else, sent to them directly with a gift note and no pricing. Is this possible?

Yes. Simply place your order using the desired delivery address. As soon as you have placed your order, email us (info@coakerandrose.com) stating the Order Number, that it is a gift & the words you would like on the note.


What is Coaker & Rose jewellery made of?

Three ingredients form our beautiful necklaces - nothing else. 

    1. Real flowers (handpicked in England & dried using natural methods)
    2. Resin - GlassCast 10/50
    3. Metal (nickel, lead & cadmium-free)

We researched & trialled the finest options in the UK before deciding on our British resin & metal suppliers - ensuring that the resulting pieces are strong, long-lasting & as natural as possible. We take no responsibility for allergies/


Will the colour in the petal fade over time?

Since we first dried all petals before setting them in resin, it is highly unlikely that a discolouration will occur. 


Will the necklace rust?